About Dalyan


Dalyan has many therapeutic hot springs. The waters which contain radioactive elements and sulphur are believed to cure rheumatism, skin, liver, spleen and bowel complaints, as well as being beneficial for nervous, digestive disorders and gynecological problems.

The mud baths are also said to remedy rheumatism as well as cleanse and beautify skin. Once you have covered yourself in the mud, than you wait for few minutes to dry it. You clean yourself in the sulphur pool. Mud bath is also at a temperature of 40 degrees. While many people do not believe in any scientific logic or health benefits of the mud, it is really great fun for tourists playing in the mud, rubbing it on their bodies and taking lots of pictures of this unique memory.

The Sultaniye Thermal Bath which is famous in Turkey, the water is 40 degrees C. The water used since Hellenistic times. Sultaniye Hot Springs is 4 km to Dalyan.

Dalyan's hotsprings and mudbath is such a world-known paradise that you may suddenly turn into celebrity spotting mood. Princess Caroline, Prince Charles, media emperor Robert Maxwell, Rockfeller, Sting and great actor Dustin Hoffman were among previous guests.

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