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About Dalyan


Formerly known as Calbis (the Dalyan stream, the Dalyan river or the canal) is a natural water conduit, which connects the Köycegiz Lake with the Mediterranean. At the same time it connects Sulungur, Ala and Sülülkü Lake. The Dalyan stream looks like a natural labyrinth, carving the delta lie a lace.

Dalyan in English means "Fish Hatchery" the fish leaving the salt water of the sea to enter the freshwater labyrinth of the delta to lay their eggs or create their fry and it is on their return journey to the Mediterranean that the Dalyan Gate's are closed and the local fisherman can harvest the catch for you to enjoy the very finest fresh fish.

This is a fantastic boat trip on delta because you will visit one of the rarest corners on the earth. For the ecological balance, speed boats and the boats which are longer than 12 m are forbidden to enter the canal. Maximum speed for the boats in the canal is 5 miles. Sea turtles of Caretta Caretta, and blue crabs live here making the area more attractive. So much is to be discovered by boat; the variety of birds is bewildering and the sight of small turtles basking at the water’s edge, with their bodies submerged and their heads on the surface, is unforgettable. If you are very lucky you may even find one of the rare loggerhead turtles, the 85 million-years-old species Caretta Caretta, swimming right under the boat, if you head beyond the river mouth.


Dalyan natural fresh water canal features rare acological characteristics such as the dens and high reeds filtering the water, endemic Liquid Amber Orientalis trees, sponge varieties and various butterflies and plants also.

Through the rustling reed beds rising between 3-4 metres in heigh. With its mixture of salt and fresh water, this wetlands have become home to a vast number of fish and other waterlife. Many speices of birds which feed on them,species such as the Sparrow hawk, Crane, Kingfisher and Jay.

You meet to Mediterranean, after around 30-40 minutes wonderful boat travel. dividing the delta is the Iztuzu sandbar stretching for neerly six km. With fine sand and turquoise sea.

You can reach to Iztuzu beach by public minibus too. The minibus travel lakeside through beatiful winding roads to the beach. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Both ways are worth seeing, each for a small charge.

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